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WOREMOR Nora DellX Metallized Polyamide Fabric


*Note: To purchase a custom length of fabric, please add multiple quantities of the item to your cart. Each quantity counts a 1 linear foot in length. The amount ordered will be cut as a single piece unless specified otherwise.

WOREMOR Nora DellX Metallized Polyamide Fabric is a compact woven, Ni/Cu/Ag plated polyamide fabric (RS or PW) for the protection against high-frequency radiation (HF) and low-frequency electric fields (LF). This professional product with 95 dB attenuation is typically used as outside skin for EMI/RFI fabric over foam gaskets, shielding material for laminated flat I/O shielding panels, the base material for EMI/RFI garments, EMI/RFI cable shielding).

Surface resistivity: Average 0.009 Ω/□
Shielding effectiveness: Average up to 95 dB from 300MHz to 10GHz
Temperature range: -30 ̊ C to 90 ̊ C
Total thickness: 0.125mm ± 15%
Weight: 100g/m2 ± 15%
Roll width: 132cm ± 4cm
Sold by linear foot

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