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WOREMOR Magnetic Field & RF Protection Gel Seat Cushion


The WOREMOR Magnetic Field & RF Protection Gel Seat Cushion shields you from magnetic fields and high frequency radiation. It has an ergonomically-designed, contoured shape that helps support you in proper upright posture while the gel insert provides you with exceptional sitting comfort. This is an excellent shielding solution for your automobile, office, home etc. 

Please note that the shielding material inside the cushion will make some crinkle sounds as you move. 

Technical Specifications
- Size: 48 x 41 cm (19 x 16 inches)
- Color: Black
- Weight: 838 g (1.85 lbs)

Fabric Care
- Hand wash 
- No ironing
- No drying in tumble dryers
- No bleaching
- No chemical dry-cleaning