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WOREMOR 5G EMF Shielding Pocket Card

Original price $15.99
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Not just a card, a lifesaver!

The WOREMOR EMF Shielding Pocket Card buffers between you and your cellphone while it's in the pocket and blocks the cellular radiation that is emitted by your mobile device.


  • Deflects Between 60%-100% of EMF Radiation away from your body.
  • Compatible with 5G, 4G/LTE, 3G, WiFi & Bluetooth.
  • Compatible With ALL Mobile Phones
  • Works in any pocket! 
  • Attenuation: 100 dB 

Package contains

• 1 x WOREMOR EMF Shielding Pocket Card


Length: 6" inches or 15.24 cm
3" inches or 7.62 cm