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WOREMOR 5G EMF Protection Non-Medical Face Mask

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Silver fabrics that are plated with 99,9% pure silver are known for their antibacterial and fungicide properties.  With that in mind we have designed a line of double layered face masks made from Silverjersey Modal and Med-Tex P130X, that have a tighter fit on the face, covering your nose and chin closely without cutting into the skin.

The materials have been tested according to OEKO TEX® standards, and are anti-bacterial, anti-odor, have anti-static qualities, regulates the skin temperature and skin irritations as well.  They are flexible, soft, durable, and easy to breathe through. They will also protect you from harmful EMF pollution.

Inner & outer layer (Silverjersey Modal): 82% modal + 18% polyamide silver yarn coated with 99% pure silver

Attenuation (Silverjersey Modal): 40dB at 1GHz

Inner & outer layer (Med-Tex P130X): 78% Polyamide + 22% Elastomer with 99% pure Silver plating

Attenuation (Med-Tex P130X): 50dB at 1GHz

Dimensions: 9 inches wide, 7 inches high. Please wash your mask before first wear.

Washing instructions: Gentle wash on 30°C/86°F with a perfume free detergent. A higher washing temperature is not needed due to the product’s antibacterial characteristics. Do not use disinfectant, cleaning products that contain chlorine (the silver coating will be damaged by the chlorine and the fabric lose its functionality), vinegar based cleaner, nor any fabric softeners.  

Hang dry (without direct and constant sunlight), since direct heat from can destroy the sensitive shielding surface. No tumble drying.

Do not iron.

Made in Canada

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Disclaimer: This product is not medical-grade and is not intended for use by medical professionals or as a replacement for medical-grade personal protective equipment or other recommended measures.