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WMF-300 Magnetic Shielding

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The WOREMOR WMF-300 is a specialized magnetic shielding film made from an amorphous cobalt alloy, designed to shield against Low-Frequency alternating magnetic fields. It is easily customized to the required size or shape. The magnetic shielding material is highly resistant to corrosion, even when exposed to high humid.

The cobalt strips make the WMF300 very flexible, while still remaining solid so that it can keep its shape. Since these strips are so thin and thus quite sharp, the film is laminated to provide protection and prevent corrosion.


It can be difficult to glue the material without causing creases, and so it may be best to cover the area with solid wall coverings. When using the film on walls, ceilings, and floors, we suggest that you use a highly viscous adhesive that adheres to non-absorbent substrates. First, smoothen the glue, then lay up the film, and finally apply it with a pressure roller or similar tool. The sheets should overlap, and then can be painted over if you so chose.


WMF-300 is electrically isolated. In order to ground the film, the strips must be screwed with a chopper disk which penetrates the polyester.



  • Low-frequency AC magnetic fields 8Hz - 100KHz: 30dB one layer
  • Low-frequency AC magnetic fields 8Hz - 100KHz: 40dB two layers
  • High-frequency electromagnetic fields 8Hz - 40MH - 1GHz : 53dB average
  • High-frequency electromagnetic fields 1GHz - 40GHz : 62dB average
  • Weight: 24.6 g/ft²
  • Material thickness: 0.1 mm
  • Color: Silver
  • Permeability: µ 4 = 25,000; µ max. = 100,000
  • Saturation polarization: 0.55 T
  • Materials: Polyester, Co69, Fe4, Mo4, Nb1, Si16, B7