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Silverknit Fabric - Base Material for EMF Clothes, Antibacterial and Fungicidal Products

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*Note: To purchase a custom length of fabric, please place an order for multiple quantities of the 1ft option. The amount ordered will be cut as a single piece unless specified otherwise.


Silverknit fabric used for sewing clothing, and antibacterial and fungicidal products. Washing: Gentle wash, using standard gentle washing powder or liquids that do not contain optical whitener. The product can be washed in a home washing machine at Antibacterial and Fungicidal Products temperature of 30°C/86°F more than 150 times. A higher washing temperature is not necessary due to the product’s anti-bacterial characteristics. Do not use disinfectant, cleaning products that contain chlorine, vinegar based cleaner, nor any fabric softeners!

Technical Data:

  • 78% polyester (Trevira)/21% copper/1% silver
  • Base material for antibacterial products, fungicidal products and EMF Shielding Clothing
  • Width: 4.59 feet, Weight: 160 - 180 g/m²
  • Materials: PA 34% with 99% Pure Silver / 58% Cotton / 8% Lycra
  • Construction: 3-way bonded, Internal: 44/12 Z-turns External: Cotton
  • Compliance and Certification: RoHS REACH Oko-Tex®
  • Average Attenuation: 25db