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EMF Radiation Blocking Belt Pouch


The belt pouch is an extremely fine product. The pouch is made of high-quality leather for your convenience. This pouch has High-End components that help block up to 90% of the cellular radiation. The pivot belt pouch has an extra-strong magnet to help secure your device in place. Easy to install on the belt and easy to take off.

• Blocks 90% of Mobile Radiation 
• Leather Quality
• Comes In 4 Different Sizes
• Built To Last
• Easy Belt Attachment

Jumbo:16.5×7.5 cm OR 6.1×3.3 inches
Large:15.5×7.5 cm OR 5.7×3.7 inches
Medium:14×6.5 cm OR 5.3×2.95 inches
Small:13.5×6.5 cm OR 4.9×3 inches