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Although laptops are extremely convenient and have changed our lives in many ways, they also come with health risks that most people are not aware of. All laptop computers emit electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation, and continuous exposure to this has the potential to cause serious health problems such as sterility in men, damage to fetuses in pregnant women, and the formation of cancer. This radiation is especially damaging to the developing bodies of young children.

This lap desk radiation shield is designed to be simple and functional. It effectively blocks radiation from laptops and keeps Radio Frequency (RF) emissions safely away from your body. The hard top makes it perfect for use with laptops, tablets and helps keep laptops cool by allowing the laptop’s fans to circulate air. It comes complete with a cup holder.

By simply placing this protective lap desk under your favorite computer device, you can keep enjoying benefits of modern technology and stay safe and healthy at the same time.

WOREMOR EMF Lap Desk fits most of the laptop sizes. It comes in one universal size 17.32” x 13.39” x 1.97” (44 x 34 x 5 cm).

20.47"  x 13.78" x 1.97" (52 x 35 x 5cm)


  • Designed with 100dB (99.99% blocking effectiveness) attenuation materials, tested in Germany and Canada for best results
  • Suitable for the current and future WIFI and cellular networks 3G, 4G, 5G.
  • In addition to radiation blocking, it provides heat insulation.
  • Facilitates comfortable and safe use of wireless devices such as laptops, tablets and Notebooks.